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September 21, 2017

The devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey were felt by millions across the region.  The Beth Yeshurun Day School in Houston, TX was particularly hard hit when their classrooms were flooded by up to 2 feet of water due to the storm.  The school Pre-K through 5th-grade classrooms were forced to discard years of educational centers, games, toys, books, and activities when water damage made them unusable and unsafe for the students.

Pre-K teacher Bonnie Suchart, whose two daughters attended the school nearly 20 years ago, reached out to STEMified as part of the school’s efforts to build support for their hurricane relief effort.  Bonnie explained, “My heart and soul — are at this school.  It is my home away from home!”.  Within hours The STEM Store, Thames & Kosmos, Math 4 Love, and OWI Robotics began working to pull together items to send to the school to replace some of what was lost.

STEMified Board Chair, Sean Carr said, “Teachers spend so much of their own time and money preparing their classrooms.  I know we can’t replace the sentimental value of everything lost, but I hope this will make it a little easier for the kids once their classrooms are rebuilt.”

By the end of the week shipments were being prepared by Thames & Kosmos to supply new Science Kits for every student in both 3rd grade classes, Math 4 Love was preparing to send their Prime Climb board game for the higher classes and Tiny Polka Dots for the younger ones, OWI Robotics was ready to ship Penguin Life mini solar kits for students, and The STEM Store had prepared dozens of items for the Pre-K through 1st grade classrooms.

September 15, 2017

Diversity is more than a word that appears in our mission statement, it's a part of our core values.  It's who we are.

Sean Carr - Board Chair

Diversity is more than a word that appears in our mission statement, it’s a part of our core values.  It’s who we are.  We are always excited to have an opportunity to celebrate diversity and authenticity in our community.  In August we had the privilege of celebrating LGBTQ+ Pride at the Silicon Valley Pride Parade.  The LGBTQ+ community is such an important part of the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math fields.   So we are so proud to have had the opportunity to celebrate along with the entire Silicon Valley Community.

We met hundreds of people who were excited as we are about STEM and the important job of improving diversity in STEM fields.  We meet teachers who we are looking forward to working with and providing technology and STEM workshops, Professors and Students from local universities offering to donate space and volunteer hours and scientists who were excited about the opportunity to work with young people interested in STEM.

I personally want to say Thank You!  to each and every person that stopped by to speak with us and lend their support to creating a STEMified world!

July 22, 2017

To inspire curiosity, encourage life-long learning, celebrate authenticity, open opportunities, and promote greater inclusion and diversity in all areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

STEMified Mission Statement

In only 1 year we have been able to help 100's of students, help promote STEM education in multiple communities and while overwhelming at times, had greater success than any of...